The CMS for online media with more than 17 years of technological development

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comitiumprovides technological solutions to editorial projects and optimizes work processes in writing teams

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comitiumprovides business solutions to digital media considering the people who work, the project, the geographical factors and the technological requirements

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comitiumprovides flexible solutions to manage large volumes of content and large audiences with maximum security: digital newspapers, news portals, local media, digital magazines...

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comitiumhas bab's tailored service in development, training, project launch, support and continuous technical assistance with corrective and evolutionary maintenance

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CMS to design and develop online digital newspapers CMS to make digital newspapers and digital magazines Content manager for digital newspapers and media

What is comitium

comitium is a content manager or CMS with more than 17 years of experience offering technological solutions to publishing projects. A product conceived and developed entirely in bab, from Barcelona with

We're a multidisciplinary team, expert in the publishing and media sector, which incorporates graphic designers, UX/UI specialists, software architects, programmers and system administrators.

A very important part of our business and collaborative environment is made up of a set of strategic partners and clients, who use comitium on a daily basis and provide us with feedback with their needs and user experience.

Why to choose comitium

The goal of bab was and continues to be to create and evolve an "All in One" CMS that provides a global solution to digital newspapers. comitium has its own development team, dedicated to the corrective and evolutionary improvement of the product, which generates updates every 3 or 4 months.


Specifically designed for digital newspapers, magazines, news and local media. Optimize production and implementation processes and times, increasing the effectiveness of digital strategies ...


Simplification of the creation, management and publication processes for the different channels. Visual editing tools (WYSIWYG) that facilitate the editing and hierarchy of content, automatic image resizing, workflows ...


Optimización para los diferentes dispositivos móviles y formatos, con la máxima velocidad de entrega y en formatos especiales como AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) de Google o FIA (Facebook Instant Articles).


Multitude of simultaneous processes and requests without overloading the system. Two levels of cache memory and CDN systems (TransparentCDN, CloudFlare ...)


Management of multiple sites, subsists and languages ​​on the same platform. Virtual dedicated servers in the cloud, balancing, high availability and geographically redundant load environments for a hypothetical disaster.


Restricted and controlled access by multiple users with different privileges and roles, and by private access networks (VPN).


Developed on LAMP technology (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) and Symfony: market standards that offer the necessary independence to any team of programmers.

Marketing and social media

Integration and planning of the content published on social media, segmenting the databases to carry out automated retention and loyalty actions: newsletters, notifications ...

Personalized bab service

Preparation of prototypes, interface design, training development and project launch. Continuous technical support and assistance with corrective and evolutionary maintenance.

comitium Business Solutions

comitium provides digital media with a customizable, stable, and fully scalable platform to empower newsrooms with strategic and operational independence.

Solutions for digital newspapers and digital media

CMS - All in One

A unique tool for multiple web projects, statistics, integration with social networks, sending newsletters, audience management, integration of external content, advertising servers ...

  • Multi-site and multi-language CMS, for different users and performance roles
  • Administration panel with analytical dashboards
  • Content management (articles, multimedia, broadcast of live events, publication scheduling, WYSIWYG editor ...)
  • Newsletters + integration with social networks + notifications
  • CRM
  • Developer API and documentation
CMS - All in One

Content management

Anyone without technical knowledge has full control to edit any content and its publication, at any time, from any site and from any device.

  • Improve productivity with workflows and process and content scheduling
  • Creation of different types of content
  • Visual editing (WYSIWYG) and simple creation of covers (drag & drop)
  • Improve content indexing with SEO-oriented tools
  • Multi-platform content delivery with responsive design
  • Semi-automatic translation systems


Define your content paywall strategy, be it a pure, porous, freemium or membership type. comitium is ready for you to start at whatever pace you choose.

  • comitium allows you to manage the different subscription models so that readers can decide the model that suits them best
  • Integration with market standard POS, complying with all security requirements
  • Easy and fast management of the orders placed, being able to review the valid and failed processes
  • Our system automatically renews subscriptions when they expire unattended, allowing the corresponding subsequent management
  • Optimal management of users and their subscriptions to control and resolve day-to-day needs with subscribers
  • The newsroom will be able to decide in 1 click which contents are closed and for which subscription
Audience control

Audience control

Total integration with the functionalities and contextual tools of Google Analytics allowing decisions to be made in real time, depending on the type of audience and content.

  • Business performance monitoring through analytical dashboards
  • Audience management with analytical tools
  • Integration with Google Analytics, comScore and other analytical systems
  • Increase revenue with effective digital strategies
  • Traffic information by channel, by device, demographic data ...

Email marketing

Tools for creating and sending personalized newsletters to build loyalty and retain users. Easy segmentation of users in live lists and metrics control tools.

  • Newsletter design manager (drag & drop)
  • Automation with segmented and personalized campaigns
  • Sending A/B test newsletters
  • Management and segmentation of the database of registered users
Online marketing
Social media

Social media

comitium allows newsroom or community managers to impact your content in a planned and organized way on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

  • comitium integrates with all social media profiles you have on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Easily configure the default values ​​to optimize the performance of your team to the maximum
  • Impact the social networks you decide on the spot or using our planner.
  • Impact planner on your social media profiles with an exceptional user experience
  • Due to having a network impact planner integrated in the comitium, you will be able to plan and schedule content published or pending publication, avoiding the annoying inconveniences of using external tools with content not yet published.

Live events

We allow you to cover live events in real time, the commonly known 'minute by minute' to offer your audience up-to-the-minute news, and may include live streaming.

  • Our direct system is the fastest on the market. We offer state-of-the-art technology that offers 100% verifiable real time
  • Capacity of thousands of users connected at the same time and scalable according to infrastructure.
  • Multiple copywriters can cover the event at the same time by introducing content.
  • Current events and support for sporting events
  • Optimal format for high generation of page views and advertising impacts
Live events
User experience - Core Web Vitals

User experience - Core Web Vitals

After months of hard work, we have the best Core Web Vitals scores on the market and excellent user experience speed.

  • We exceed the 3 indicators of the Core Web Vitals: LCP (measures the loading time of the largest content of the first viewport), FID (measures the time the page is interactive) and CLS (measures visual stability), perfectly complying with new market demands
  • Very notable improvements in the speed of all the pages
  • Increased demand and cleanliness in the code that is inserted in the page
  • comitium has multiple solutions to overcome the problem with advertising providers regarding Core Web Vitals


comitium has these two advertising technologies that offer high levels of traffic and economic returns that have become essential for the media.

  • 4X speed increase
  • Customization of both formats to the project needs
  • Integration with comitium for the editorial staff to decide what to send to FIA and AMP
  • We have news and live events in AMP format following the standards of Facebook and Google
  • Possibility of implementing tags, categories, authors, lists ... in AMP format, according to project needs
Distribution channels

Distribution channels

Compatible experiences through web browser, email, mobile and social networks. Mobile-first optimization and responsive content served to reach all devices.

  • Social networks
  • Notifications
  • Newsletters and social networks
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)
  • Facebook Instant Articles (FIA)

Integration systems

comitium is designed to integrate with external systems and platforms. The CMS is complemented by different platforms and new options are constantly being added.

  • Social networks
  • News from external agencies
  • Advertising servers (Google AdSense, Revive, Smart, DFP...)
  • Translation systems
  • External content (RSS)
  • Google API
  • Amazon, Mandril, New Relic ...
Integration systems
Development platform

Development platform

Simplification in the administration of the different environments, to reduce and optimize project development times. Full control of templates, sections, routing, libraries, CSS, widgets ...

  • Intuitive and flexible API using standards
  • Developer Documentation
  • Unit and functional tests
  • Customization (templates, styles, widgets, libraries ...)
  • Development environment for programmers

comitium custom solutions

comitium offers real and friendly solutions to people working in digital media, facilitating the development of their daily work, taking into account the project, geographical factors, technological requirements and profiles involved in the management and creation of digital content.

Digital Newspapers

The challenge

Scalable creation of current digital content, with speed, efficiency, security, 100% mobile experience, and seamless social media integration and SEO orientation to capture large volumes of traffic in a very short time. The goal is to deliver multi-device, multi-channel content to the audience.

Custom solutions

  • Management of sections or web pages (cover, thematic sections, content viewers, corporate and legal sections ...)
  • Creation of articles of different typologies: news, opinions, reports, interviews... with the possibility of defining each typology according to the needs of each media.
  • Broadcasting of live events, generalist or sports events with the classic minute-by-minute
  • Roles for each editor with predefined profiles
  • Possibility to have multiple sites, subsites and multiple languages, where each editor has restricted access
El Nacional

Local News Media

The challenge

Local News Media are projects where the audience is limited by geographic factors or vertical business sectors. The services offered to the community (by proximity or by sector) acquire an important role and current content (news, reports, opinion) and at the same time are part of the published services.

The technological demands of these projects are very high because the number of profiles involved in the management of content increases: business directories, press releases, classified ads or small ads, events agenda, cinema listings, open pharmacies, emergency phones, entities and associations, among many others.

Custom solutions

  • Creation of specific menu content typologies: businesses, organizations, associations ...
  • Event agenda management
  • Management of classifieds or small advertisements with payment POS
  • Polls
  • Contest management with phases and winners
Tot Sant Cugat

Digital Magazine

The challenge

Digital magazines are vertical projects on a specific topic with a high level of knowledge and experience: cooking, motor, history, interior design, cinema, or adventure sports. These are projects in which it is necessary to maximize the customization of content types according to the subject matter, and adapt them to the requirements of each media.

The paper format is present in the digital newspaper archive format, with different types and services to the subscriber and therefore, in many cases, payment platforms are integrated into the technological environment.

Custom solutions

  • Management of sections or web pages (cover, thematic sections, content viewers, corporate and legal sections ...)
  • Articles creation with different typologies: editorial, news, opinions, interviews, reports, magazine editions ...
  • PPossibility defining content typologies according to the needs of each medium, such as recipes, books, films, adventure sports routes, motor vehicle files, film reviews ...
  • User subscription to the magazine on paper or digital
  • Magazine archive with the possibility of purchasing back issues
  • Native mobile applications to consume the magazine in digital format
  • Private user area with customized services for subscribers
Historia y Vida

comitium experiences

The new version of comitium represents a substantial change with respect to the previous one at all levels: usability, interface, structure, possibilities and agility in content management, both with respect to news, images and sections. The construction of the new on comitium has been a key factor in the success of the project: it has been adapted to include two new types of content (recipes and menus), it allows a fast and effective management of content and has allowed us to create a fast and powerful search engine. A great step forward!

Caterina Úbeda

Caterina Úbeda

Head of Digital Media Sàpiens Publicacions

After trying different web editors, you realize that most of them do not understand the needs of the journalistic community. comitium gives us efficiency in our work and the assurance that the innovation and development needs of a digital media are well covered. It is technology at the service of journalism.

Xavier Salvador

Xavier Salvador

Director Crónica Global

Awesome service with a very close attention and without bureaucracies. comitium is constantly improving with customer requests.

Joan Serra

Joan Serra

CTO El Nacional

Customers who use comitium

Some of the communication groups that trust us.

El Nacional Crónica Global Premsa Local Economia Digital
Sàpiens Publicacions Atlantis Telecom APPEC Institut d'Estudis Catalans
Generalitat de Catalunya Nikon Grupo Planeta Novartis

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